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Who are your LEADs?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A sales lead is a person or business who may eventually become a client. A sales lead also refers to the data that identifies an entity as a potential buyer of a product or service. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, seminars, conferences, and other social marketing efforts.

Scratch the last part..

Your Leads come from ANYWHERE people are!

🧘🏾‍♂️-While doing your morning Energy Rituals, identify Closing a particular client (or the amount you want to sell). Smile with the feeling of them agreeing to negotiated terms, or simply celebrate the fact that you are turning in that sale.

How would you feel when it's settled..?

How do you breathe knowing it's over and closed?

How does it feel to know that an hour just made what amount..?

And most of all,

How do you feel to know that if you can close this one, you can close another..?

Think that this has nothing to do with Lead Generation- THINK AGAIN..😅

By Creating & Maintaining that Confident Energy, believe it or not, we develop an attraction to winning..

This gives off an attitude of a Positive, unseen Value that exudes confidence and 'Makes' a gatekeeper or employee 'Want' to help you close- (It shows when selling products or services)*

They will unconsciously give you needed info, direct you to who 'matters' within your search.

(They will feel comfortable with your confidence in your product or service)

Your feeling of Value will give your voice more confidence, the reply to a message/email will be more appropriate, and your confidence to close will be the tone of the Negotiation.

Ever wonder how the top sales people have higher closing rates..? Whether they know it or not, their Confidence FAR Outweigh their FEAR..

So Leads, are ANYONE attached to the decision maker, and ANYONE who can sign the contract or Invoice*

You can find these leads when you LEAST expect it.

At the Park, a party, in discussion, during a mutual event (kids football game, sip & paint), in the line at the grocery, & most of all through Referrals and Recommendations-

Be sharp, prepare well, & STAY READY..

The definition of LUCK is:

Preparation, Meeting Opportunity-

You must be ready at ALL times.

Your energy should match or be higher than your Product Knowledge.

Your Research should mirror your identification of a problem to solve-

Be attentive, weary of timing, and prepared to slip a contact (Business Card) and invite a meeting: ASK for just 5-7min of their time.

Have the full confidence that you HAVE the right Solution to what they NEED, so they Need to SERIOUSLY meet up and discuss it. 💪🏾😅

The look in your eyes must say, 'We MUST MEET, it's important that you KNOW how I WILL Help you, or your situation'. (For products & services, you eyes must hold the FACT that the product or service will help solve their problem!)

Do MORE Research before meeting or selling. Get into the Zone and find That different strategy that they won't refuse-

#anthonyANTFARM Workshops (The Zone)

When you and that Lead finally meet, The initial shake of the hand is the agreement of them BEING your new Client.

These are proven strategies that go deeper than you think. Seeing these words and generalizing ideas of HOW it works, takes a BIG STEP when it comes to actually Doing It.

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