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Updated: May 15, 2023

Small Businesses do not realize HOW IMPORTANT your Brand is-

As a matter of FACT, your BRAND IS YOUR BUSINESS!


In Sales Training, we all often hear the term:

Brand Recognition, or to identify (Someone or something), from having encountered them before; know again.i.e. "I recognized her when her wig fell off"

Recognize is taken from the Latin word: 'Recognoscere', or to: ‘know again, recall to mind,’ from re- ‘again’ + cognoscere ‘learn.

So when we trade our Consumer Hat for our Selling Cap, we should be able to identify our Businesses brand SIMPLY from a color or shape..

The psychology behind colors, and shapes will take us deeper, (I will explain all of this at our upcoming Branding Webinar).

But my point to all of this:

HOW does the public KNOW who you ARE?

Really, How do they identify or 'see' your Brand?

-Is It Color Appropriate according to your branding message?

-Or does it have a recognizable Shape or Picture?

-Do you have a Vector version (or to made one solid color)...?

-If your logo FLASHED across a screen, can a stranger identify it?

When building your company, you MUST build your brand. Sure your product or service may be EXCELLENT, yet most people base their FIRST decisions with their eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and to have the mind to open, to record (imprint), and to store it within the categorical situation your ad entails.


Meaning, the brain works under a natural 'as-needed' cycle. When a person is hungry, has a flat-tire, or wants a nice set of eyelashes..

The brain would usually scan memories of likely similarities, essentially playing a Neural game of Old Maid- So anything that relates to, or reminds the person of that need- Will BE the 1st thing they picture, imagine, and will eventually gravitate to.

Your Branding, Ad-Marketing campaigns SHOULD BE the thing to remember. Branding is the center piece of being Aware that your business will solve the emotional solution they seek-

Q- What Problem does your business Solve?

A- That's what your Brand should Reflect..

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