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Welcome to our 2nd Annual Autism Prom—an unforgettable celebration of fun, therapy, and confidence! Join us for a night of awesome action and healing where elementary, middle, and high school autistic kids and their parents come together for a magical experience. It's more than just a dance—it's a journey of empowerment, filled with joyous moments and heartwarming connections.

At the Autism Prom, we believe in the power of fun to inspire confidence and foster growth. Through vibrant activities and inclusive dance sessions, attendees will discover newfound strengths and forge lasting friendships.


We're honored to welcome advocates for autism awareness who share our vision of acceptance and inclusion. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of neurodiversity and create cherished memories that last a lifetime!


Ja’Nia Sherman will be crowning this years 2024 Queen an King!
All kids will be recognized and be gifted with a trophy for participating, but only the king and queen will be crowned, gifted with a sash, And trophy.


Registration for participation: $50
Registration for participant guests: $35
Tickets per Guest is: $10
This includes: Registration, Trophy, & Food, per participant. 

Tickets per Guest is: $10
Date: April 27, 2024
Time: 5:00 until
Location: TBA


Get Your Tickets

"Secure your spot at the 2nd Annual Autism Prom now! Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening of fun, therapy, and celebration.


Get your tickets today and join us for a magical experience filled with music, games, giveaways, and the crowning of our Prom Kings & Queens.


Every ticket purchased supports our mission of creating a safe and inclusive environment for autistic children and their families. Reserve your place now and be a part of something truly special!"

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