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Big into Small

We assist small towns by bringing Big City successes not only to bring the town closer, but to show GROW both Socially & Economically!*

By working with the Local Chambers, we not only provide quality resources for local businesses to thrive, but also allowing direct access to their customers- Directly to their Smartphone!

We collaborate with local resource guides, local online blogs, and team with media reps to promote businesses to local customers through:

Education / Training / Conferences
Upgraded Weekly Social Events
Lifestyle Opportunities
Business Resources
Faith & Non-Profit
..all within each Community!

ALL designed to empower the Businesses, & raise value for local consumers..

To the Chamber-

The possibilities are endless with a new monthly income stream and an influx of new memberships through our highly trained Sales team.

*Give your current & future chamber members added value with new frequent advertising opportunities through the Geo-Targeting power of Google!

Have consumers take advantage of local businesses through loyalty programs like our built-in:
'Frequent Thursdays'- Where customers get access to Town-wide discounts, freebies, and attend sponsored events! (Picture a Local 'T-mobile Tuesdays')

*Establish longer term value by truly bringing more frequent foot-traffic, mobile, & online orders.
*Create and Promote Sponsored Events designed to put give the locals 'Something to do!'
*Get game changing business insights through posts & comments through social media engagement with customers..
*PREMIUM CLUB allows businesses to post\blast more frequently to be 'know before they are needed*


Each Category will be available and open for Each Town to be within the guide..
The difference between paying for Google & Facebook Ads, will be the combined power in ad spending, allowing each category (& each Business) to be at the TOP of the Geo-tagged results of Google Search..

Not only will the Business website be within the Top Ten, but depending on the regional location settings, GOOGLE SEARCH will allow that specific TOTT (catagory or specific business) to be in the top 5 search results..!

-Simply, by utilizing the power of TOTT's massive Google Ad, Facebook, & overall Social Media ad budget allows each specific business & business category to reach higher within the search results!
---No other company since the Online Yellow Pages are able to achieve this locally on such a powerful level..
And the cost is just mere pennies when considering Local Search Results, advertising options, Social Media campaigns, and Much MORE!

An average radio or cable/broadcast tv ad within a small town can range between $250-$500 bi-weekly..
Radio & Tv are good for Branding a business, but the power of Search makes it easier to get specific results to what a customer needs, in that moment..
So revenue spent on traditional means, are virtually non-existent, and consumers are now using the power of the Smartphone.

In comparison to traditional ads, businesses pay only $50 per month, generating more Frequency & Reach directly to their targets!
This makes TOTT the BEST ROI EVER!!

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