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Born in Bainbridge, raised in Albany, Ga-

Anthony 'Antfarm' Clark experienced a spectrum of life lessons that helped him become a powerful leader & more of a confident Visionary.

He is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air for those with poverty & depressed mindsets. Experiencing both abundant & low economical status’, Anthony ANTFARM shares the tons of experiences that are translated especially for those want more in Life.

Starting in the Betha Project housing in Albany, Ga.- during the 80's crack era, his single mother moved him to the country rural suburbs. Anthony ANTFARM observed the difference in social gaps firsthand.

Anthony served 6 years in the Air Force, traveling Europe, Southwest Asia, and many spots of the U.S. Those experiences taught him how the different social distinctions, and how different culture structures have an enormous impact on local economic development.

Anthony was led into Advertising Sales after leaving the Military. Working Radio, TV, and Car Sales back in Albany, he learned the power of marketing, branding, & networking. This led him into running his own Marketing & Advertising firm, only to loose everything, Three times in a row!

During those broken & homeless situations, he developed a greater interest in the human psychology as well as the Spiritual Conditioning that creates it. He understood how it affected the movement in tech & marketing trends.

He eventually developed easy to learn principles & strategies that not only helped him and his businesses, but also hundreds of clients.

‘There were many failures along the way, but each failed attempt made life make more sense’

‘Simplicity’ is Anthony’s motto- But the motto wouldn’t be complete without stating that ‘It’s only HARD when you don’t have or know how to use the correct tools..

Those tools include a Healthy Mindset that feeds your Body & Lifestyle..

We have those tools-

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