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AD Specs & Dimensions

Talk of the Town Newsletter Ad Requirements:

By complying with these requirements, advertisers contribute to the overall quality and professionalism of the Talk of the Town Newsletter, ensuring a positive experience for both businesses and readers.

ToTT  Newsletter Templates (17 x 11 in)_edited_edited.jpg

Contact Information:

Must contain a contact phone number.
Include the full business name.
If applicable, provide a physical address for your business location.

Web Presence:

Include a workable link to your business website

or a preferred social media site.
A QR code for quick access to

additional information is mandatory.

(A fee for QR Code generation is $10)

Image Specifications:

Must be transparent.
Minimum resolution of 300dpi.
If an advertiser cannot provide a suitable logo, one can be created at an additional cost of $50.


Other Images:
Minimum resolution of 200dpi.
Images should fit within the purchased ad size.

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